Our mission at Bowen Capital is to allow institutions to seamlessly work with wholesalers nationwide by consolidating your point of contact to one main company.

Customized Processes
Highly Experienced

Partnership Overview

Over the past 4 years, Bowen’s core operation has been working with Institutional SFR Buyers across the nation. We quickly realized that institutional buyers operate much differently than typical local investors! By streamlining the communication for our over 50 wholesaling teams you will have one team submitting deals to your fund, coordinating inspections, and transacting the deal.

At Bowen, we only work with wholesalers we implicitly trust. Most of our clients are friends, family, and previous students who were all taught how to wholesale the right way; with integrity, while putting the seller first and being transparent with buyers.

Absolutely no daisy chain deals, we are direct to seller
Bowen has exclusive right to sell the property
Customized process to mesh with your specific operation


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    Internal Underwriting

    Bowen underwrites the deal submitted by our acquisition team, performs a quality control check, and cross references desired buy boxes. 

  • 2


    Once comps are run and an asking price is set, the deal is submitted to the applicable buyers in that market. 

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    After negotiations, the best offer is accepted within 72 hours of initial submission. The team will open AB escrow once a buyer is decided with your preferred attorney/title company.

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    Bowen’s team will reach out to the appropriate contact to schedule inspections and confirm entry instructions.

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    The team will carefully monitor the transaction and ensure all requirements are met to close on time.


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