Streamlined Wholesaler & Institutional Relationships

Our mission at Bowen Capital is to provide Acquisition Specialists and Wholesaling Companies access to the top single family and portfolio buyers in the world while streamlining and simplifying the process for Institutional Buyers.

Who We Are

Bowen Capital is the leader in simplifying the modern-day wholesaling process by working exclusively with nationwide Institutional Buyers. 

We partner with the top wholesaling teams in the nation to source off-market single family properties and portfolio deals. Once a deal is secured, our in-house team will take care of all transaction and inspection coordination to ensure a smooth closing. Our specialty is dispo without distraction.

The goal is to provide homeowners with the best possible selling experience and buyers with exceptional SFR opportunities for their portfolios.

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They play an essential role now in our business

We have been in business for 3 years now.  Our model was to find local deals and buy for buy and hold or to flip. In our first year we completed around 45 flips. This was tough. Labor was hard to find. We had to deal with contractors and realtors, and the general public to try and get them to buy the house. At scale, this was an absolute nightmare. A year and a half in, we partnered up with Bowen Capital. This was a game-changer. The systems that we had in place helped us to convert to a virtual business overnight. Bowen took all of the nightmare issues of flipping a house and made the process streamlined! No more dealing with realtors, contractors, negotiating with buyers, or having to repair issues. Now we find the deal, which is what we are good at, and Bowen Capital will take that deal and offload it for us! This has completely changed our business model. They play an essential role now in our business. We can grow without the limits of location as we are now a virtual business that can work in almost any area we see fit.  We still do flips, but only a few. We mainly focus on the ease of working with Bowen to knock out as many deals as we can. Their team makes it so easy, why wouldn’t we!  I'm not sure how many deals we have done with them now but I do know that we have done more deals in less than a year with them than we have flipped, and with about the same margins after fees and repairs why wouldn’t we? This is one company that has made our business completely different in so much more of a better way. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do.

Easily one of the most productive, efficient dispo companies I’ve ever worked with

Working with Andrew and the team at Bowen Capital Homes has been an absolute pleasure. Every team member is professional and personable. They submitted properties to me in exactly the format I requested. Emalee adeptly juggled the couple dozen deals we almost always had in process and I looked forward to our catch-up calls. They understand the shifting landscape that comes when working with institutional investors and are quick to redirect their market when the buy box changes. One of their most frequent questions to me was “How can we make your job easier?”. Gotta love that! Easily one of the most productive, efficient dispo companies I’ve ever worked with.

I wouldn’t be able to do that kind of volume without Bowen

Andrew, Emalee, and the Bowen Capital team changed my life! The relationships that Andrew has created with multiple national buyers have helped me hedge my wholesaling business in a very positive way. They have helped me close over 40 deals in multiple cities across the nation just last year and we are working on tripling that number this year. I wouldn’t be able to do that kind of volume without Bowen. With them helping me close that many deals I have been able to cover my mother's bills and partially retire her financially!  If you don’t work with Bowen Capital yet…Better jump on board!

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They take so much work off your plate

My business has boomed since linking up with Bowen Capital. They have a very professional team. It really opens up a whole new avenue of income coming from traditional wholesaling and flipping. They have extremely strong buyers and they take so much work off your plate. I highly recommend working with them!

Overall a great partner to work with

We have enjoyed working with the Bowen Capital team for the last couple of months. Communication is always on point, quick and reliable. Calls and emails are answered in a timely manner and the team is organized and efficient. Overall a great partner to work with on our real estate transactions!

Bowen is a company that operates with integrity

Since joining forces with Bowen, our entire business model has shifted. Their streamlined dispo process paved the way for us to focus solely on what we do best…. Acquisitions! That’s not even the best part. In today’s dog-eat-dog world, Bowen is a company that operates with integrity….a company that has your best interest in mind….a company that has your back. It’s not just exciting to have them in my corner, but necessary. I can’t imagine doing business any other way.

There is nobody else I would rather trust

Andrew has been my best friend for 20+ years, so working with Bowen Capital has been a no-brainer from the get-go. There is nobody else I would rather trust to help get our deals across the goal line than Andrew and his team. Since starting full-time with King's Capital in March of 2022, Bowen Capital has helped me close 30+ deals in that timeframe. This would not have been possible without Bowen's partnership and dedication to doing business the right way. Emalee, Bowen's COO, works tirelessly to ensure that the properties brought to Bowen are closed in a timely manner. Meanwhile, Andrew works day and night to build out Bowen's buyers list to ensure our deals get sold for the right price. Furthermore, Andrew and his team have their ears to the ground and adapt quickly to any market changes to ensure we are making accurate offers to clients.

The team is very knowledgeable and extremely organized

Bowen Capital Homes is a great team to work with! I have worked with these guys on several transactions over the last two years. The team is very knowledgeable and extremely organized. From managing the transaction, to getting top dollar for your deals. I cannot say enough great things about these guys!

We all act as one team to get deals closed

My experience with Bowen Capital has always been delightful. They are always hands on when it comes to any questions or concerns you have when completing a closing. Bowen Capital is always detail oriented and makes sure that when we are closing a transaction, we all act as one team to get deals closed. I do not ever feel disconnected from any situation that evolves when we have a transaction together. They are always communicating and resolving any issue as quickly as possible to make sure everyone is made whole. When I receive a contract with them, I immediately know this is going to be a smooth closing.

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