Bowen Capital provides wholesalers, builders, and Realtors direct access to the nation’s largest (and most elusive) hedge fund buyers while offloading the disposition and transaction coordinating processes.

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Partnership Overview

Everyone has heard about selling to institutional buyers, the problem is, how to find them, get in touch with them, and then finally…how to get them to pay attention to us? That’s where Bowen Capital comes into play! We’ve cultivated relationships with 20+ of the top hedge fund buyers in the industry so you don’t have to. 

Most wholesalers are masters at acquisitions and struggle with dispositions and transaction coordinating, so why not let us take that off of your plate? With Bowen running your back engine, you can focus on scaling your lead generation and acquisitions team, all while increasing your deal size and coaching you along the way.

Instant connections to top institutional buyers
Access to elite acquisition coaches and industry network
Increased efficiency and deal size
  • Why it's a Good Solution

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  • Lead Generation

    Our top-tier acquisitions coaches will show you and your team how to become a Rockstar negotiator. We host weekly mentorship calls and provide you with all tools needed to master the craft.

  • Dispositions

    Completely offload dispositions while quadrupaling your deal size for a fraction of the work.

  • Transaction Coordination

    Our team leads communication with all parties involved, executes paperwork, and ensures that your deal closes. We act as an extension of your team.


  • 1

    Submission to Bowen

    Once the contract is signed, the deal is submitted to our team. At this point, you are hands off!

  • 2

    Submission to Buyers

    Once comps are run and an asking price is set, the deal is submitted to the applicable buyers in that market.

  • 3


    After negotiations, the best offer is accepted within 72 hours of initial submission. The team will open AB escrow once a buyer is decided.

  • 4


    Bowen’s team will reach out to your seller to schedule inspections and confirm entry instructions.

  • 5


    The team will carefully monitor the transaction and ensure all requirements are met to close on time.


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