What Others Say…

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“After dealing in real estate since the early 90s, I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to real estate agents, flippers, and investors. A lot of them tell you everything you want to hear when trying to make a deal but then never come through in the moment of truth. I was looking to unload some properties recently and just about every agent/investor I talked with, came in with lowball offers and wasted a lot of my time. A friend introduced me to Andrew, and I was pretty much expecting the same. I was wrong. He actually showed up when he said he would, his offers were fair, and when he said he could close on the properties in a matter of weeks, of course I doubted him. Once again, i was wrong. The closing time on all the properties was between 3 and 5 weeks. We had lunch a few times during the selling process and I found him to be an interesting, honest, and down to earth person. Bottom line, if you’re looking for someone who is fair and honest for your real estate dealings, I would definitely recommend Andrew!”

Irvin Thompson

“Andrew is dedicated to helping people, and it shows through his business model- He donates 10% of profit to charities around the midlands! If you want a hassle free home buying experience from someone who genuinely cares about his clients, call Bowen Capital Homes!”

Malachi Ware

“I’ve been waiting for a very long time to come across someone who is honest and will ACTUALLY do what they say they will. I had over 200 people call me about my fire damaged property in Forest Acres and the reason I went with Andrew was because of the immediate sense of sincereness. I trusted Andrew with the process and was able to sell my home to him and his partner within 2 weeks. Andrew literally ran in front of a demolition crane to save my home once it was under contract. You are making the right decision choosing to sell your home to him and his team”

Clint Mitchell